Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Annual Meeting

Our annual association meeting went well and we have a new president and garbage czar. Roger and Larry simply exchanged places. We are adding new names to the NGDA register at the entrance. We are also getting a new association sign with "old" spelling. Evidently the spelling of North Gray Dunes was incorrectly changed to Grey. It will from now on be Gray. This address of this blogspot will however remain Gray for a while until I can figure out how to safely change it and notify all of the members. When I have received the minutes for 2010 I will post them.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Annual Association meeting for 2010

I just received notice from our president that the meeting for 2010 has been scheduled ...

The Claybanks Church is reserved for Saturday, May 29th from 9 to 12 for the 10:00 meeting.

... be there, or be square.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

North Gray Dunes History

The history of North Gray Dunes is tied up in the person of Dirk Jellema. I know that Dirk was a history professor at Calvin College and that he also liked playing dixieland jazz on piano. There used to be a club/restaurant located where the condominiums are situated in Lost Valley Association.

And now is where I will need some help with getting all of the information straight and true. I think perhaps we should have multiple input from some of the residents, especially from those who may have been here from the beginning. So ... if you are so inclined, put together some of your memories and recollections and email them to me and I will incorporate them into this blog spot.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcoming Signs

Once you have mastered the art of memorizing the gate code, and you have successfully entered it, the gate will magically open. Once you crest the hill, you will be welcomed by the North Gray Dunes Association plaque. A little further on the road signs will begin to appear and then you will begin your journey into a most beautiful area on the shores of Lake Michigan.

New Member Welcome

We would like to welcome new cottage owners as well as new landowners to our association. Please let us know if you have been overlooked or if you are in the process of changing your status from landowner to cottage owner.

Current Association Meeting Minutes

North Gray Dunes Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
May 23, 2009
Claybanks United Methodist Church

1. Attendance: Ruth Brinks (Treasurer), Marlene and Paul (Road Commissioner) DeVries,
Roger Hill (President), Carol and Bob (Gate Commissioner) Relph, Perrin Rynders
(Secretary), Holly and Larry (Vice President/Garbage Czar) VanderPlaats, Carol Botting,
Carol and Tom DeMeester, Scott DeMeester, Liz and Craig Hitchcock, Kay Hoitenga,
Dennis Hoppe, Jean Jennings, Betsy and Ray Komray, Melissa Lambers Kuiper, Ardene
Lambers, Carol and Jim Lont, Sue Mack, Monte Mitchell, Glenn Niemeyer, Mary
Oppewall, Kathy and Al Plantinga, Bill Pursifull, Gerry and George Ramsay, Elaine
Sikkenga, David Smith, Len Streelman, Dan West, and Sue and Bill Wilson.

2. Call to Order: President Roger Hill called the meeting to order at approximately 10:10
a.m., after which an opening prayer was offered by Rev. Jim Lont. Those present were
asked to introduce themselves. Attendance was taken on a sign-in sheet.

3. Quorum: A total of 21 cottages was represented, thus constituting a quorum under the
association's bylaws.

4. Approval of 2008 Minutes: It was noted that the 2008 annual meeting minutes should
have, but did not, indicate the approval to spend up to $750 for the installation of posts to
protect the gate. A motion was made and supported to approve the minutes with that one
correction. Approved.

5. Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Ruth Brinks reported. A motion to accept the written
report (Income/Expense Statement and itemization) was made, supported, and approved.
a. Financial Report: The beginning balance as of May 2008 was $3,369.39,
ordinary income exceeded expenses by $2,801.61, so the ending balance as of
April 2009 was $6,171.
b. Delinquencies: There was only one dues delinquency, involving a property along
Bix Trail. President Roger Hill will make the necessary contacts to address that

6. Road Commissioner's Report: Road Commissioner Paul DeVries reported. There was
discussion about damage to the paved S-curve area south of Lont's Lane, most likely due
to construction traffic, and whether Osborne should be consulted about the need for a
new prime and seal. Roger Hill reported that he had spoken to Gaylen Byker, who
promised to repair any damage caused by construction traffic related to his project, which
is underway. A motion was made and supported to accept the Road Commissioner's
report. Approved.

7. Gate Commissioner's Report: Bob Relph, Gate Commissioner, reported.
a. The cost to install posts to protect the gate was $500 ($750 was approved).
Despite the posts, one commercial vehicle slid into the gate during the winter.
Roger Hill was able to identify the culprit, who then submitted an insurance claim
that paid for the needed repairs. There was discussion regarding the causes for
motorists to slide into the gate during the winter, and whether a solution is to
move back the sensor loop that triggers the opening of the gate. The cost of doing
so would be $1,500, but then the loop would miss traffic arriving via Bix Trail.
Bob Relph does not recommend adding two loops. Alternatively, the gate could
be moved east to Fruitvale Road at a cost of $2,700. Meanwhile, Osborne has
provided two sand barrels, and drops salt when plowing. A motion to accept the
report of the Gate Commissioner was supported and approved.
b. Beginning mid-November 2009, the gate code will be 2310.

8. Garbage Czar's Report: Larry VanderPlaats reported.
a. Improper Materials: The dumpsters continue to be filled with construction
materials and other heavy items. Anyone wanting to discard anything other than
ordinary garbage should call Larry VanderPlaats and make arrangements for a
special removal. On a related matter, there is some suspicion that residents of
Lost Valley take advantage of our dumpsters; Lost Valley does not have any
dumpsters, and residents there need to contract for removal of their own garbage.
b. Fire: A fire in one of the dumpsters melted the lids.
c. Extra Usage Fees: The cost is $40 if a dumpster is filled half-way; $80 if filled
d. A motion to accept the Garbage Czar's report was seconded and approved.

9. Informational Items:
a. Meinert Park—Dekker/Rottman Property: This property will likely be added
to Meinert Park. The issue is in the hands of Muskegon County, which may base
its support on the level of private contributions (contact Rick Steketee or Dan
Dekker). There will be no access to the added property except through the
existing park property.
b. New Members: Tom and Sue Marble, and Jim Daghfal are building on Bix
c. NGDA Web Site: Paul DeVries is willing to create a blog, and interested
persons should contact him.
d. Tree Cutting: Roger Hill has observed at least a dozen new stumps along
Peppers's Trail. That prompted a discussion about how to respond to any improper
cutting that is observed: ask persons cutting trees if they have permission (note
that the roads are on easements, so the property owners still own the trees), get a
license plate number, and report to the owner or legal authorities.
e. Common Beach Association: It was reported that the President of the CBA has
resigned. No dues are being collected. There appears to be uncertainty pending
the addition of the Dekker/Rottman property to Meinert Park. President Roger
Hill recommended that two or three NGDA members get involved with the CBA,
and anyone interested is invited to contact George Ramsay.

10. Old Business: Contact Dave Smith about adding names to, or deleting names from, the
entry sign. On a similar issue, anyone needed to have a cottage number posted for the
sake of the fire department (which is necessary) should contact George Ramsay.

11. New Business:
a. Hunting Proposal: Larry VanderPlaats presented this proposal, which was in
writing and had been previously distributed (Landowner Permission to Hunt &
Hunting Rules). There was some discussion about the authority of the NGDA to
set rules, and there was debate about whether hunting should be allowed at all. A
motion was made to have attorney Siebers review the proposal, which failed for
lack of a second. The written proposal was then seconded and approved. A new
motion was made and supported to spend up to $300 to obtain a legal review of
the NGDA's potential liabilities associated with hunting. That motion was
approved. A second motion was made and seconded to allow the board to
rescind the hunting rules if legal counsel recommends that. Approved.
b. Road Paving Proposal: A written motion, previously distributed, to pave the
gravel connector between Fruitvale Road and the gate, provided sufficient funds
are available, was seconded. Discussion revealed that the Muskegon County
Road Commission was expected to provide formal approval of any such paving
project. In response to questions about the availability of funds, it was reported
that road maintenance income during 2008/2009 was approximately $3,700,
which led to further discussion about the segregation of road maintenance funds
and other funds. After additional discussion, the motion failed.
c. Dues Waiver: This motion had also been previously articulated in writing and
distributed. It was seconded. A friendly amendment was made and seconded to
limit the waiver to non-road dues. The motion, as amended, was approved by a
narrow vote. A point of order was raised, namely whether the dues waiver
implicated Article VI, §2 and would consequently require a two-thirds vote to
pass (which had not been obtained). The President deemed that provision of the
bylaws inapplicable.
d. Dumpster Location: Elaine Sikkenga owns the property on which the dumpsters
are currently located, she wants to sell her property, and it might become
necessary to move the dumpsters.
e. Insurance: The question was raised whether officers of the NGDA are covered
by insurance, and if not whether such insurance should be provided. The board
will investigate the issue.

Respectfully submitted,
Perrin Rynders, Secretary

Flora and Fauna

It's that time of year again when the crops are being harvested along Fruitvale Road.
The Chickory was evident alongside the entrance to North Grey Dunes as usual.

The pileated woodpeckers were also active leaving their trademark openings in some poor unsuspecting red pine tree.